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Message From Jeff Karpel

Anyone that knows me, knows I am troubled by America’s slow, expensive and unaccountable judicial system. While I feel America it is the best place in the world to live and raise a family, I also feel we can do better. So, instead of just complaining about the way our government functions, I feel compelled to try and do my part to make America better for my three daughters and their future children.

Too often we see our judicial system re-victimize the victims we serve and fleece the taxpayers that supports it. Prosecutors are often the only elected officials trying to improve our judicial system. To that end, many prosecutors throughout America have decided to spend your tax dollars on PROSECUTORbyKarpel to improve their office and community. I started the Karpel Foundation to donate a portion of those tax dollars back to America. The foundation’s board of elected prosecutors will in turn spend these donations on your grant requests to improve America’s judicial system where other politicians have failed.

I sincerely welcome your ideas on how together, we can improve America’s Judicial System.

Jeffery L. Karpel
President and Chairman

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